Mentally Match Fit - JULY ONLINE Group Training

🤔 What is this I hear you ask? 
Let me tell you…

➡️ This training is aimed to teach you strategies to keep your brain and emotional health in good shape. 
➡️ Daily practices are taught that you can implement to keep you mentally well and build up your resilience to stress.

Like physical fitness, mental fitness is just as important and should not be neglected. This training helps you to understand that just as we can improve our physical health by moving our bodies, we improve our mental health by strengthening our minds.

The more we feed negative thoughts and behaviors, the more likely they will occur. 

Training with us is about breaking patterns so that you experience positive emotions more regularly than negative ones. We have an enormous capacity to rewire our brains when we decide to.

With mental fitness, you have the ability to pause, stay calm, and respond in the way you would like at the moment, rather than expressing feelings of anger, frustration only to regret it later on. 

🙌🏻 With mental fitness, you’ll feel more CONFIDENT, RESILIENT, and ENERGISED to handle life’s situations. 

Life can naturally cause you to feel sadness or worry. Strengthening your mental fitness will make it more difficult for sadness to progress to depression and worry to spiral into anxiety.

♥️ Martin and I are so passionate to get this training out to as many people as possible to have them feeling better and back in control of themselves. 

💥 This is mental health awareness with a DIFFERENCE! We don’t just make people aware, we give them the tools to use immediately to put into practice. 

We provide an incredibly relaxed space where you choose how much you participate.

💻 Weekly 45 minute zoom call. 
📸 Camera off or on, we don’t mind. 
🎤 Microphone off or on, we don’t mind.
✍🏻 Unlimited access to written material. 📹 Unlimited access to zoom recordings.
📱 Regular contact with us via messaging and phone call.
Plus bonus videos and topics throughout!

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