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A lot has been written about the concept of the mind and developing mental strength for greater success.

We all know a lot of the literature with regard to the law of attraction, mastering the mind, and developing good habits to last a lifetime.

Yet really developing these practices consistently over time is quite difficult.

It is especially difficult when faced with modern-day challenges which seem to be designed to drain away our energy.

Such drains can include social media, WiFi, bills and expenses, broken relationships, environmental toxins, smartphones, alcohol, sugar, caffeine, the list goes on.

Developing a strong mindset entails consistent practice over prolonged periods of time. It requires a sense of practicality and discipline that is all too often forgotten.

It would be a mistake to think that the law of attraction is easy or that meditation will immediately alleviate depression.

But if you seriously commit to developing your mindset so that you can focus on what you want over the long-term, then the results will be life-changing.

To do so, you will need to learn to rely on yourself.

As per Indian philosopher Krishnamurti - “A theory based on another man’s experience in matters of the psyche or of an inward life has no meaning at all.... We have to let it go completely because we have to stand alone.”

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How To Develop Mental Strength

Understanding that your thoughts determine your environment and that you can command your thoughts is the first step.

But committing to a daily routine of developing mental and emotional strength is something else entirely.

It takes discipline, character, and patience.

The idea that we can just manifest what we want is a little misguided.

The fact is that you may have spent the last 30 or 40 years anti-manifesting.

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